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Nassau GPS Walking Tour Guide

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NEW!! Just off a cruise ship? Visiting Atlantis? The PREMIRE Nassau Bahamas GPS Walking Tour Guide is a personal tour guide that plays automatically as you walk historic Nassau. For those who like to plan ahead, it also includes description, multiple pictures, hours and cost for every attraction. You will never be lost as it has a preloaded map with all the attractions and a flag where you are. This app is designed to educate and inform you about Nassau history and culture and be your tour guide as you walk historic Nassau. You can customize your tour and be notified when a stop has your interests. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod. Check out our screen shots and see for yourself. 

Dont spend money booking an expensive excursion or tour, just use this app any your tour guide will go at YOUR pace and stop at the things YOU want to see. You will never miss something said because you are in a large group and cant hear the tour guide. If you miss something on this audio tour, you can always replay it or read it. Visit museums, forts, churches, and government buildings. We will also go past a beach you can play at and the Straw Market, a popular shopping area in Nassau.

The tour is 2.4 miles and you can expect to spend 2-3 hours doing it depending on how many attractions you visit. Download the app where you have wifi (Atlantis charges $20/day for wifi so it is better to download at home, or you can use Mc Donalds, Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks free wifi in Nassau) and you will not incur data or roaming charges. As you use the app, everything is preloaded and you will not use data or cell service. You can turn data off of your phone if you want. Make sure you are not on airplane mode though because this will block the GPS signals that tell the audio to come on.

When you purchase this app, for each attraction you will be able to plan ahead, navigate the city, and have your own personal tour guide- 

An audio tour telling you facts, history and information about each attraction
Multiple pictures of each attraction 
Description of the stop 
Map showing each stop and where you are in relation to the stop 
The ability to customize your interests and be notified when you are at a location with your interests 
The hours and cost of each attraction
A rating for each attraction 
Automatic GPS audio that will begin as you near each location, as well as the ability to start it on their own for those without GPS 
The ability to replay the audio if you missed something 
The ability to read along with the audio as it plays 
The amount of time you can expect to spend at each location 
A chime that will go off when you reach the attraction

Don’t have GPS? No worries. If you are using and iPod or iPad without GPS, you will still be able to enjoy the tour, you will just have to play the information manually as you travel. 

It is recommended to start the tour with a fully charged phone. Though you will not be using cellular service or have data charges, you’re phone will be constantly searching for a GPS signal and thus wear out the battery quickly. Have a great time in Nassau!

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